Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan. 7 meeting about DOE plans and how to protect P.S.9

Thanks to the dozens of people who came to this morning's meeting at P.S. 9 despite the snow flurries and the early hour. A main point: P.S. 9 parents have a genuine chance to persuade Department of Education officials that the plan to add a new school to the building will hurt instruction and harm the P.S. 9 community. Over the next couple of weeks, P.S. 9 parents will step forward to ensure that the school's good work is preserved. Protect P.S. 9!

Look here soon (today, this weekend, Monday) for more materials:
•a sample letter for parents to send to D.O.E. and elected officials
•an action plan for the community
•an explanation of the situation
•summary of Principal D'Avilar's proposals to expand P.S. 9's programs
•a updated roundup of documents related to D.O.E.'s plan. Existing roundup is here.

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Andrea said...

Thank you for keeping us up to date. A lot of people -like me- don't have the time or the knowledge to work actively on this issue. Please keep us posted on ways we can support the PTO and the school on this issue.