Friday, January 21, 2011

PROVEN: Science Fair Draws Crowds

P.S. 9's first science fair in over 7 years drew over 150 people to the school earlier tonight. On display were close to 50 experiments and research reports, including students' examinations of how long bubbles last, how crystals are formed, the insulating properties of various materials, and the effect of color spectrum on plants' growth.

Science teachers Ms. Nurse and Ms. Codrington organized the fair, which was held in the gymnasium. Classes toured the fair throughout the school day, with parents and families returning this evening. Students didn't just get to look at their colleagues' posters. At one activity table, first-grade teachers Ms. St. Onge and Ms. Lopez oversaw the making of slime out of cornstarch and other materials. Beside them, Pre-K teacher Mrs. Field helped students make fossil-like impressions in play-dough.

A more complete report will follow soon.

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