Thursday, January 13, 2011

Morning rally: "P.S. 9, Not P.S. 4½"

Deep thanks to the 60 people who came out this morning to show the news cameras their dedication to protecting P.S. 9. Despite short notice, the group had 25 colorful posters—

"P.S. 9, Not P.S. 4½"
"9 Minutes in the Library Is Not Enough."

Without practice, the parents developed chants:
"Protect P.S. 9/Let the School Grow."

With less than 16 hours of outreach, parents from different grades joined in. The Daily News and Brooklyn's News 12 both got footage, and we parents were able to see our collective dedication and to practice speaking out in public. A good showing and a good show!

Please contact fbhouse AT if you have photos we can post.

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