Thursday, January 20, 2011

PreK-8 expansion survey: tell your class parent, please

P.S. 9 parents: For an insta-survey, please tell your class parent ASAP:

"If P.S. 9 added grades 6 - 8, would you consider keeping your child at the school for middle school?"

Class parents will be submitting all responses by FRIDAY 4 P.M. to:

Why this survey? Next week P.S. 9 will present an expansion plan to the Department of Education. P.S. 9's plan will be a strong counterproposal to the DOE's proposal to place a charter middle school upstairs. To make P.S. 9's presentation as persuasive as possible, P.S. 9's leaders want to offer data about parents' interest in a new upper school with 6th-8th grades.

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mbrincker said...

Is the survey for current PS9 parents or ought we post it to prospect heights and other d13 listserves? Maybe comparing between the disciplinary style BEC and a potential PS9 middle school what would be preferred?

It is important to show that the success of charter schools as options for specific targets groups precisely depends on their being other and more broadly appealing options for those who do not fit into the charter mission. It seems that however good a school BEC might be their target group is not the typical PS9 student or D13 child. The BEC mission is to bring particularly struggling students up to par and enter and succeed in college, by giving their school lives the structure their regular lives might not have. When the DOe simply presents the school as 'a high quality option' they deceptively present the scope of the target student group as much broader than it is.