Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get up and dance! P.S. 9 receives fitness grant

Earlier this month, the city’s Move-to-Improve program awarded P.S. 9 a grant to support fitness breaks in classrooms. The grant will provide up to $2500 for classroom teachers to train in the program, and also will supply classroom exercise equipment, music CDs, activity cards and other teaching aids.

The Move-to-Improve curriculum aims to increase physical activity among elementary students. It offers a series of 10-minute lessons that combine movement with academic learning. Click here to see the 32 different activities and learn more.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Day - updated schedule

P.S. 9's administration has updated the schedule for this Friday's exciting Hispanic Heritage celebration. This event is a longstanding October tradition at P.S. 9, and features spirited performances by Pre-K through 2nd grade classes. Below, please see the schedule and more details about the planned display in the gymnasium that day.

12:30 perform in auditorium. At 12:40, move to gym for party and museum.

12 noon in gym for party and museum
12:45 performances in auditorium

1st and 2nd grade
12:50 party in the gym
1:20-2:15 performances

Grades 3,4 and 5
1:25-2:00 party in the gym.
(These classes will not perform.)

The administration will also create, in the gym, a "Spanish Museum of Culture." Any parents who would like to contribute authentic Hispanic items for the display, please click to send a message to PTO Secretary Christine Scanlon, or call her at 917-406-4405.