2011-12 Goals

The PTO officers hope you will help us achieve the following goals this year. 

1. Fundraising: Vastly increase the funds generated by the PTO for supporting our teachers, administration and children.

A. Expand the fundraising committee to include a direct fundraising arm.
B. Greater efficiency in extracting funds from fundraising events.
C. Apply for and receive more grants.
D. Create outdoor market in renovated playground area.

2. Sustainable structure: Create a lasting structure within the PTO that is transferable year to year.
A. Establish responsibility among officers and committees for recruiting and coordinating parent volunteers to ensure that the PTO continually reaches out to the entire parent community for support. Increase the number of parents actively volunteering and participating in PTO activities.
B. Create a step-by-step playbook that can be followed for every PTO-supported school event or fundraiser.
C. Prove the financial viability of the PTO after school care and enrichment program.

3. Communication: Continue to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of communication between the PTO, parents, and teachers, as well as the school administration.

(updated September 22, 2011)