Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily News story about rally

Prospect Heights principal opposes plan to move charter school into her building

Other media items about P.S. 9 parent opposition to the DOE plan appeared in The New York Times's The Local blog and Associated Content.

From the Daily News story: "It's ridiculous for DOE to put three schools into this building that was built for one school," said D'Avilar, who later this month will give DOE a formal proposal for expanding PS 9.

It's rare for public school principals to speak out against the DOE's plans for schools. But D'Avilar, who has been in the school system for 20 years, believes she's doing the right thing.

"We need to fulfill our school's potential," said D'Avilar. "If DOE gives us a chance, I know we can fill those seats."

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(Photo: D. Egan-Chin, NY Daily News)

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