Monday, January 31, 2011

Does Brooklyn East Collegiate need to move?

The DOE's proposal doesn't consider the question, yet moving next year doesn't look necessary in the least. Thanks to Theo Stewart-Stand for the insta-illustration.
[Click on it to see larger.]
Just because Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School wasn't originally meant to be at 1485 Pacific St. (building K343) doesn't mean that the Pacific St. building is an inappropriate place for it to remain until September 2013. Brooklyn East Collegiate's current building was built in 2008 and has two high-school gyms and other dividable facilities that two schools can use at once. One of the schools in the building is a sister school, Uncommon Charter High School, with which it can easily share resources. None of this is true at 80 Underhill Ave.

Postponing BEC's move would allow time for P.S. 9's enrollment growth to become clearer. It would also allow the PEP to grant M.S. 571 its full opportunity, under the Chancellor's Regulations, to improve its performance. And it would allow P.S. 9 a fair chance to present an expansion plan —which this co-location proposal denies it — should M.S. 571 not turn around.

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