Sunday, January 9, 2011

Principal's plan for expanding P.S. 9's services

Principal D'Avilar is developing a formal proposal for expanding P.S. 9's instruction and services, she said at Friday morning's meeting. She intends to increase the number of pre-kindergarten and gifted-and-talented classes in Grades K-5, and to create a dual-language program. The dual-language program would start with one language (Spanish or French), then could expand to a second language after 1 or 2 years.

She also endorsed a parent's suggestion that the school expand its services for students with special physical needs. P.S. 9 is a barrier-free school and the new playground will include an area of playground equipment accessible to these students.

To finalize the proposal for submission to the D.O.E., Ms. D'Avilar will attend a meeting on January 18 with the leaders of P.S. 9's support network, Children First Network 306. She pledged to distribute her proposal to the community before the January 24 hearing.


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