Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will P.S. 9's building have only K-5 students?

And will it belong only to P.S. 9? Both possibilities came one step closer to reality this week. The Department of Education announced that it is closing our upstairs neighbor at 80 Underhill Ave, M.S. 571. Under the plan, the 170-student middle school will phase out operations over the next 3 years.

At Tuesday night’s P.T.O. meeting, Principal D’Avilar asked parents to share any ideas and wishes that they have for the space. P.S. 9's school leadership team, for example, is exploring whether it might launch a dual-language program that could move into the space. The principal promised to discuss the M.S. 571 situation with parents at a breakfast, still to be scheduled.

Any plans will need to be developed fast. D. O. E. expects that "replacement schools will begin growing in the building starting next September." Officials told Councilwoman Letitia James that it may move a charter school into the second-floor space. More detailed plans may be announced tomorrow morning, according to a report in Prospect Heights Patch. Other news coverage of the announcement is here, here, here, and here.

The closure decision still can be reversed. On Wednesday evening, Councilwoman James and State Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries held a community meeting in the auditorium. These officials pledged to overturn the D.O.E.'s plan. Next month, the D.O.E. will hold a public hearing. D.O.E.'s Panel on Educational Policy will hold a final vote on the closure proposal in early February.

Before then, you may tell the D.O.E. your views by phoning 212-374-0208 or emailing
-Kirby Pulver and Matt Fleischer-Black

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Maria said...

I just wrote a quick e-mail pleading them not to install a new school yet. Perhaps everyone who does that can comment.