Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gobble, gobble! (Yum!)

Last Tuesday, Nov. 23, P.S. 9’s hallways were transformed into festive dining halls for the school’s annual Multicultural Luncheon. The event ensures that each child at P.S. 9 has the chance to enjoy a festive meal that celebrates the many ethnicities present in our school. It has been held every year since Principal D’Avilar began her tenure as P.S. 9's principal.

Many classes created and displayed decorations for the event, including Thanksgiving-themed hats and painted banners. By midday, the halls bustled with excited students and grownups filling their plates with delectable dishes of international origins, home-made holiday treats, and traditional Thanksgiving fare. Many parents turned out to help set up tables and buffet stations, serve the food and, of course, help teachers clean up.

Thanks to everyone who was able to contribute time or food to class celebrations. Thanks also to all the teachers for their efforts in making the event a success. -Michelle French

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