Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Math night=fun evening for all grades

Last Tuesday, on November 30, P.S. 9 threw a math party in the gym from 6-8 p.m. The host was Ms. Cheryl Sealey, math coach; the food spread was cheese, crackers, veggie stix, and juice; and the mood was convivial. Several teachers each presided over a table. Ms. Nelson, for instance, oversaw matching and memory games for the youngest students. Ms. McCrea ran a raucous game of Bingo. Ms. Diop supervised the fourth and fifth graders who tackled a complicated math challenge. Other teachers included Ms. Chong and Ms. Hernandez. Some parents, meanwhile, oversaw tries at guessing the amount of candy in two jars (the smaller one was for pre-K to 1st grade).
The crowd of students and family members numbered around seventy, with all grades represented. The children circulated fairly calmly around the tables, not running around and careening into the padded walls and each other, as they do at some events. Many stopped at the Sorry! game table for pop-o-matic bubble action, then moved to the prize table. There, they redeemed tickets they had won, taking home trinkets like pens and skateboard keychains. On the way out, attendees found door prizes: more math games, along with pencils to make up some of their own.
—Maria McGrath
Top: Analyzing bingo positions. Bottom: Taking measure of many pieces of candy.

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