Thursday, October 7, 2010


Please enjoy the full interview of Ms. Johnston by pre-k student Genevieve Snyder. Look for more interviews and grade level highlights in upcoming issues of the PTO newsletter, YOUR 9 NEWS.

Genevieve: Are you excited about your birthday?

Ms. Johnston: Yes, my birthday is in July, and I usually have a swimming party.

Genevieve: Are you a queen?

Ms. Johnston: No, I’m a teacher!

Genevieve: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Ms. Johnston: Well, last year I was Stellaluna. I haven’t made up my mind yet for this year. But can I tell you about what I usually do for Halloween? I fly home to Minnesota, where all the houses are so far apart that you can’t walk from house to house to trick or treat. So we hook up a wagon to a tractor, and we put hay in the wagon, and we sit on the wagon and we pull up the wagon to each house to go trick or treating!

Genevieve: Do you have a princess costume?

Ms. Johnston: No.

Genevieve: Do you have an Ariel costume?

Ms. Johnston: No, but my 5-year old niece just got one.

Genevieve: Do you like to jump rope?

Ms. Johnston: Yes, if it’s outside. I love to do anything outside. I like doing things like climbing trees, going on hikes, sledding, and having snowball fights.

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